Building geospatial applications at Z_GIS in Salzburg, Austria. Favorite tools are PostGIS, command-line, Python, GDAL/OGR and QGIS. I also work with Java, Android, R and JavaScript.

The OpenStreetMap Ecosystem

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a project that aims to create a common database for geodata. The data can be displayed on a map, but that is by far not its only purpose. Within the past years an ecosystem of programs, services and tools has evolved around OSM. This blog post explains the basic concepts of OpenStreetMap and gives an overview how to view, edit, download and process the data. You can also watch this presentation which covers the same topic. [Read More]

Atom: My Coding Environment

I have been using the Atom text editor for quite a while and I am mostly happy with it. I also tried VS Code and the JetBrains IDEs and were pretty satisfied with them as well. Atom is open source and mainly developed by GitHub, the official description is: A hackable text editor for the 21st Century It is possible to edit all settings via text files, and it is highly configurable with packages (= plugins). [Read More]

Route Planning with OpenStreetMap

This blog post gives an overview of how to perform route planning 🏃 🚲 🚗 with OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. In beginning, some basics about route planning will be explained. Afterwards, the routing engines GraphHopper, pgRouting and the routing web service OpenRouteService will be described in more detail. OpenStreetMap is perfectly suited for route planning applications because the data quality of the street network is usually very satisfying. This has two reasons: Streets can easily be mapped from satellite imagery and GPS-tracks. [Read More]