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LightOnEurope provides location intelligence for Europe's geographical regions - defined by its own citizen.

Draw a polygon on the map and get tailored statistics about the region inside. There is no need to think about national boarders or size and location. Find out anything you want to know about population, infrastructure, landcover and so on. You decide, we provide you the information.

Almost every political, economic and social decision is about geography.

Geogphical space can be your physical environment, space can be a social construction like Pierre Bourdieu once wrote. Therefore, knowledge about space is power and maps are the most powerful and compelling tools to communicate geographical data.

So why not provide the power of maps and information to everyone?

In the Big Data era Open Data become the backbone a whole data-centric ecocomy.

Open Data can be used for the benefit of everyone. LightOnEurope gives the open and free access to Big Data.
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We are currently a team of three Geographers.

Jakob Miksch


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